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The app, itch, lets you effortlessly download and run games and software from All of your downloads are kept in a single place and are automatically updated. Access your collections and purchases, or browse for new games via the in-app browser.

I've been waiting for this game since the demo came out 2 years ago. It didn't disappoint! Wonderful exploration of the mechanics. Excellent presentation and style. Great job! Cool to se Moppin was in the credits as Downwell is another one of my all-time favorite indie games.

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Hey man! No update on anything next. I'm kind of taking a break from making games for the moment to focus on other little projects, so you might maybe hear from those but nothing will be posted on my for a while, tho I still do have big plans to make more stuff in the future. Tôtem-like games aren't really in the plan, but who knows that might change

You see a lot of indie games try to create an atmosphere of horror through the "Found Footage" method, but more often than not they just don't turn out great. They can feel forced and it takes away some of the fear. This one does not fall into that category. With the incredible atmosphere that has been created, there are actual genuine moments of fear that I have, and I very rarely get afraid or scared by something in games. I will say my one real complaint is that the loud mice in the sewers seemed like a tad much, but the rest of the noises and ambiance is on point. Plus, the absolute uncertainty of what is actually going on with the creature itself, the weird extra paranormal bits, and even the different endings makes this game one that can actually induce fear. On top of that, with the sewer acting as a maze, that adds an entire extra layer of anxiety to the mix. Overall, this game was EXTREMELY well made, and was one of my favorite horror games, and definitely one of my favorite One and Done indie games to date. Amazing job.

hello! absolutely love this game, favorite game and one of my favorite games period. coming back for my third replay, but unfortunately i can't seem to get the mac version to work. i've only ever played on a pc, and had no problems there, but the mac version won't even open for me. i can't use wine on my os and i'd rather not install windows, so i'm hoping theres an easier solution. is your game compatible with macos monterey? that's what i'm running right now

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We are RNG Party Games, a 3-person indie studio. Support us on Patreon or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on Bloom and all of our future Playdate games. Or, come hang out with us over on our Discord.

Quick addition: I do have the latest versions of the DLCs I've purchased on my system to. When the laptop version wouldn't work, I tried to access everything through the app. Still no luck.

Indie gaming is coming to mobile! With Mitch, you can easily install Android games from and keep them updated. This provides an alternative to the Google Play store for indie game developers and enthusiasts.

So, this is honestly one of my favourite indie games. I love its atmosphere, the simple & unique gameplay, the character designs, BUT I found a few issues:1) I would suggest not letting the player knock on a door until they're standing in a certain area. Otherwise, this happens if you knock from the side:

My thoughts here: -motive-indie-train-murder-mystery/ Before I simply gush excitedly about the game and the big news here, I have a little article I wrote about it back in the mid-phase of it all. It's just an earlier me getting stoked about playing indie games after trying loco-motive, but it's kind of funny because my wish for a full release in it basically is coming true.When I saw that this was going live on Switch, I did a fist-pump and yelled "YES!" I've always adored this game, and it feels like a gift to see it happen. From the charming characters to the steam engine aesthetic, it has such a fun theme. And you bet I want to play the steam chug out of the Switch version. I noticed the release is from Chucklefish too, totally on the Chucklefish wavelength right now, and I know you'll do well with them. I am so excited for you. Best wishes! :)

Hello and thank you! The newest version of Mac requires game devs to fill in some paperwork and pay a yearly tax... which I'm sorry to say isn't worth it with the little number of downloads from Mac users I get. I know many Mac users do some kind of trick in order to be able to overcome this inconvenience and download indie games anyway, so they can play the itchio version. However, Steam doesn't even allow me to upload an old Mac version, so the game will only have a Mac build for itchio.

okay. I think the reason why a lot of developers don't include downloads for Android phones is that the size of the game needs to be small enough to run. As far as I know, unless you're got a really good job and can afford a phone that can run vn games with a bigger file size people aren't going to have a phone that can run a vn with a bigger size.

I'm sorry, for my rude actions, my behavior was so out of normal, i should punish myself for not playing any of these games for 2 days, i am sorry Rush, i didn't mean for my bad behavior to go this far, My apologies.

The game was PHENOMENAL. Perfect mixture of puzzle solving, scary but not being in your face, as well as a pinch of sillyness. I loved it. Here is my video playing it to almost entrety (only got one ending). 10/10 for short indie games.

Ok, this is one of those games that should be taught in game design 101 classes. Absolutely perfect execution of feel, world design, level mechanics, exploration, power ups, difficulty progression, twitch challenge and enticement to continue. Instantly one of my favorite NES games EVER. Utterly brilliant!I initially grabbed this using "No thanks, just take me to the downloads", but after playing it, had to come back and donate a few bucks to support this effort.Now, when are we going to get a full version of Super Bat Puncher? :D

It keeps crashing on me :C idk if someone knows how to fix it or something. I was so excited to play it but lit every 30 seconds it crashes. I tried uninstalling it and installing it again, i tried playing it from the app and from the downloads file and it keeps crashing :( please help

ok so you don't care at all about the users, that's disappointing to hear only just to save 5 seconds writing the script to zip builds separately, and has API to upload releases btw, so you could save even more time if you wanted, but i doubt you want, seems you are fine with bloatware (i wouldn't mind if it was 2x 250kb like tilekit i mentioned in other comment, but here it's electron.. but that itself is an other problem, let's stick to the 2x download size issue for now)

A similar problem that I had with another card game on, is that once you have the mechanics down, and know how to read the board state, you realize that you are smashing your face into a brick wall until the random number generator relents. And of course, seeing a path to victory in more difficult circumstances requires being okay to decent at card games. Fortunately for me, as a child, I played Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!!, and Duel Masters, and read strategy articles and forum posts.

Absolutely LOVE these PS1 graphic indie games coming out lately! The mechanics are very nostalgic & I found the progession/mining to be satisfying/addictive instead of monotonous. 10/10 for a game jam entry! I would purchase this, if it were more fleshed out/with more hours of playability. Hope ya'll make more games soon, or add a big update w/ more content to this one in the future! Seriously, again, very impressive for something made to submit to a game jam!!

In complete awe of the story. I went into the game mostly blind, only played chapter 1 in the video but have played chapter 2, and have to say this is an amazing story. Really enjoyed the multiple endings! The unsettling nature of the sound and voices of characters almost makes you so immersed! One of my favorite games ever!

Just a follow-up that, as of today, these changes still haven't been published in the PDF copy: "indiginous" on pg 15 and "indiginuous" on 16! I know the studio has been busy with so many other amazing games, but please update to help fight the Lindworm. :)

Unlike most indie story games, this is a chonky book with a lot to digest, with a gorgeous, easy-to-read layout, and evocative art that matches the lonely, tortured tone of the game. It's easy enough to jump into for a one shot without much prep other than gathering materials, but I think it really shines in the format of a short campaign of 1-3 sessions.

Great idea! Before releasing our games on, we didn't realize how many people would play the Linux versions. We're now planning to include Linux builds for all future releases as well as on Manifold!

See, that's the kind of vibe I got from Peace on Earth when the ending cutscene rolled around. (Spoilers, probably) looking at the color of the Earth itself and how the main character just kind of had a lack of enthusiasm in saying "Merry Christmas... everyone..." makes it seem like there's some sort of hellish scenario going on in this game entirely. Nice take on the horror aspect of indie games.

I can get to that page, but it wants me to link my Steam account to get my key, which isn't working for some reason. I have the game downloaded from, but the Steam Key attainment feature is not working from there.

Cheers for checking it out! It's one of my oldest (and most hastily made in just under 7 days x3) games, so I'm always surprised to see anyone download or play it, haha.Unfortunately, it's a tad clunky because of how fast I had to make it (it was for a game jam, I didn't set myself such a crazy deadline without a reason xD) but also because the engine I used for it had a host of problems at the time >.

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