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Microsoft Gift Card Code Free Download: Tips and Tricks for Getting More Downloads and Subscriptions

And youll have to dig a little bit if you want to know what apps or games are available. At the top of the Windows Store, there is a list of featured apps and games by price. This makes it easy to see popular or currently free Windows 8 apps, but it doesnt help narrow the search for what youre looking for. And if youre looking for a specific app, youll have to browse through the full list of Windows apps, which may or may not have what youre looking for. Microsoft could try to add another level of filtering to the list at the top, but for now, the Windows Store is less practical than the App Stores on Google Play and Apple App Stores. And since Android and Windows are such close siblings, we can expect the companies to work on a similar partnership with Google and Microsoft in the near future.

Microsoft Gift Card Code Free Downloadl

The closest we have is with the Xbox Store, where you can use Gift Codes to buy apps and games. This works similarly to the Google Play Store: You can type in an Xbox App or Xbox Game code to search for an app or game. You can then scan the app details for a price, which is particularly useful when it comes to digital games. Or you can search for a specific title and download the game. For apps, its harder to search using an Xbox Game code, as theres no way to find an app by name. With the Xbox App Store, apps are listed by section, which makes it easier to find what youre looking for.

The Xbox Live Marketplace is also the best place to buy Xbox Live Gold Membership for those looking to set up an Xbox Live account for their friends and family. Microsoft charges $60 a year for the service and only lets you redeem one membership per account, and you can buy a new membership only with a Gift Card. You can also buy a gold membership for a friend, which lets you use their Xbox Live account to play your games and apps.

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