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8 Ball Pool PC Hack: How to Download and Use Cheto for Free in 2022

Aiming Master is a world-popular guideline tool for 8 ball pool game. Unlike some 8 ball pool hack tools, by using AI image recognition technology, it can display the extended line of guideline in real time while playing game, making your shots more accurate.

8 ball pool pc hack


Not only that, Aiming Master also supports advanced cushion shots, including Bank Shot and Kick Shot, so you no longer worry about snooker ball. By using cushion shot, you can easily pocket the target ball into another pocket.

Developer Comment: Wrecking Ball received some of the fewest changes in the transition to 5v5 as he proved to be one of the most effective solo tanks in early testing. His extreme mobility and massive health pool enable him to choose when to fight much more freely than other heroes. These changes are aimed at reducing his downtime so he can press that advantage even further. The regenerating shield health pool often leads to not needing to search for as many health packs before getting back in position.

Developer Comment: Sombra is underperforming after her last round of changes. While we make progress on a small rework for her abilities, this damage increase will help strengthen Sombra even against targets that aren't affected by her Hack effect. It's a small increase per projectile, but it adds up quickly due to her fast fire rate. The health pack duration increase is a minor buff to avoid needing to re-hack them quite so often.

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